Bippity Bobbyti Boo

My life always felt like a bit of a Cinderella Swaggolina story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been lucky enough to live in favorable zip codes and lavish homes. But despite the apparent luxuries I was just like any other Disney princess; a misunderstood little white girl with no direction and borderline alcoholic tendencies.

Like every good story, something or someone disrupts this boring path you thought you were destined to settle for.

January 8th, 2015 I met my fairy godmother drunk at a house party in Singapore. It just so happens that this little pixie’s name is Bobby and appeared in the form of a 45 year old man who is Indian by culture but Black in his nature. We instantly bonded over our rapper alter-egos, and within an hour of chatting it was decided that he shall be my Uncle Bobby.

As my new-found relative and mentor, he had a lot of valuable insight to share with me beyond his knowledge of the rap world.

Our once light-hearted conversation soon took a philosophical turn and he asked me in a serious tone,

“Who are you”

I stared at him perplexed, both for the random shift in conversation and because I had no clue how to answer the question. Then he asked me again,

“Who are you”

At this point I was just embarrassed. How could such a simple question be so uncomfortable and difficult to answer? I decided I should come up with a response before things got more humiliating, so I awkwardly replied “uhh… I guess I’m nice… funny…, I don’t know. How would you answer this? Who are you?”

His answer was completely unpredictable, but it made sense in the moment.

“I am you”

He told me that I am very in-touch with the world around me and that I have a good heart. He also managed to decipher some other dazzling qualities and advice by reading my palms. So here’s a list highlighting his findings:

  • I am special
  • I have the hands of Buddha
    • I dare you to google this, it’ll be the most frustrating thing you’ll ever search if you’re trying to solve open ended prophecies given to you by your own personal Indian Black Yoda. You won’t find anything about Buddha’s actual hands, but instead recipes for a citrus fruit someone decided to name ‘the Hands of Buddha’
  • I have a positive energy
  • I am destined to do great things
  • I am not that pretty, but I am beautiful
  • I have Catholic Guilt
  • I should not marry for money
  • I am actually funny
  • I am a leader
  • I am you
  • And I will change the world

These kind words provided me with a newfound confidence and inspiration.  If anyone asks me who I am I’m glad I can finally respond

“I am you”

I felt like my identity crisis was put in a whole new perspective, I am you and I am everyone. I am a collection of the qualities of everyone I have met. I also realized that the reason that I can’t be in relationships isn’t because I’m incapable of loving someone; but it’s because I love everyone. I don’t mean this in a Babylonian whore kind of way, but I’ve realized that instead of focusing my time, happiness, and energy on one person I can spread it widely in hopes to inspire others.

My 2015 New Year’s resolution is to analyze, exude, and accomplish as many of the listed qualities as I possibly can.

My life-long resolution is to be an Uncle Bobby to as many people as I possibly can.

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